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Travel tips for Managers

Corporate travel management: tips for managers

June 29, 2021

Business Travel was once predominantly viewed as perk. Most employees were rearing to travel. Today, this mostly applies to Millennial employees. However, a lot changed after the Covid-19 pandemic appeared. The travel industry was strongly impacted as countries closed their doors.

Travel restrictions are put in place and many people would just rather stay at home. As a manager being in such a situation, employee health and safety becomes a top priority. 

Proper travel planning is:

  • Reframing the travel conversation:

During a pandemic, a lot of people will probably see business travel as a liability, so it is important to be ready when talking about safety and accommodation procedures when discussing travel plans.

  • Giving guidance on Travel Policy:

A smart travel policy serves as safety blanket for the employees. You need to make sure that the policy in line with the current situation.

  • Promote Self-booking:

You can empower your co-workers to choose what makes them feel safest. 
This can also include choosing the hotel that they are comfortable with. A travel management platform such as SoldoutNight is just the right tool for self management. 

  • Arrange Work-Life Balance:

Even though almost everyone is working from home now, it is still important to catch up with your co-workers. Make sure that they know that they are still welcome to use their vacation leave.