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Travel in 2021 – What to expect?

How 2021 will change the travel industry? What will change and what to expect in 2021? Will we be able to travel normally soon? Find answers in this article!

December 14, 2020

The entire world has been turned upside down by Covid-19, with no industry impacted more greatly than the tourism sector. As we approach the end of the chaotic year that has been 2020, many people are turning their attention towards 2021 and whether it is going to be possible to catch up on their missed business trips or vacations. So, the question is what will travel look like in 2021?

Social distancing

As travelers, some of the greatest experiences come from navigating our way through large crowds. Whether it be fighting your way off a crowded train carriage or trying to navigate through a busy market, crowds are often an inevitable part of travel. With social distancing measures now in place across most of the globe, this may no longer be an option. Travel will now be conducted within regulated safety measures, including social distancing at attractions and on transport. People are also more likely to turn to outdoor options and natural attractions in order to remain safe.

Information sharing will be crucial

Every traveler, even the spontaneous ones, will need to be up-to-date with the latest information. Travel opportunities will begin to open back up, but the environment remains one that is rapidly evolving. Communication will be more critical than ever before as travelers work to stay across the various safety measures and restrictions. 

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Hotel occupancy will recover through domestic travelers 

After being trapped at home due to restrictions, many people will have a strong desire to travel and explore outside of their local area. There is likely to be an increased demand for domestic travel, as this will be a safer and easier vacation option. This is great news for local hotels who can begin rebuilding with business from domestic travelers and staycationers.

The scope of destinations will level

Hello second and third tier cities! What used to be London, Paris, Hong Kong and New York will now also turn into Edinburgh, Valencia, Phnom Penh and Nashville and so on. Avoiding crowds will be a big priority for all travelers and this will have a significant impact on which destinations are considered popular. As conditions change and the perceptions of safe countries continue to change, so will the most-visited destinations. We expect many people to pick destinations outside of the common popular choices for their 2021 vacation

Transportation services will have different standards

Before Covid-19, price was a big determinant in a traveler’s choice of transport. Take flights for instance, which were often chosen because they provided the best value for money. In 2021, things are likely to be different with travelers choosing service providers based on their safety standards and procedures rather than price being such a big factor.

Travel consultants are becoming more significant

People are more likely to turn to travel consultants for their upcoming trips to ensure they have the latest information. Given the continuously changing environment, travelers will feel more comfortable seeking advice from experts who can provide guidance to make sure their trip is safe and hassle-free. New travel management solutions like SoldoutNight may be the most cost effective solution for small companies to manage business travel. 

Less business travel

Business travel is likely to be slow in 2021, although will continue to build as areas continue to open up. With a vaccine just around the corner, it is predicted that business travel will gradually increase and reach levels equivalent to those seen in 2019 by mid 2023. The good news is that we should see a steady, but certain, build towards normal business travel. This will come as a relief to many people who are missing personal connection in the workplace and are having Zoom fatigue after all of the virtual meetings.

While there’s no denying that travel will look dramatically different in 2021, we can be positive that it’s moving in the right direction. Keeping updated on the changes that occur in the industry will be a vital component of travel in 2021, but it is certainly looking like we can all embrace our wanderlust and set off on new adventures after a tumultuous year.