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Tips to Manage Corporate Travel Successfully

New and fashionable solutions in corporate travel that can handle the growing demands of a modern-day business traveler with ease.

January 6, 2021

Airline tickets, hotel bookings, changes in travel plans, yearly budgets and expense monitoring are but a few elements that make business travel a challenging affair for any company, big or small. 

If left unstructured and without proper management, corporate travel can turn out to be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor, resulting in lower productivity and overall employee dissatisfaction. 

Traditionally, organizations managed their travel requirements by hiring third-party agents. While travel agencies have proven somewhat helpful for large companies, they tend to be pricey for smaller ones. 

Travel agents follow a cookie-cutter approach when making reservations, and there’s often a lack of communication between the actual business travelers and the agency.    

To overcome this archaic business model, it has become essential to move ahead with new and fashionable solutions that are holistic in nature and can handle the growing demands of a modern-day business traveler with ease.

Internalize Travel Management   

Setting up a designated travel desk headed by a travel manager is a feasible option that is economical and cuts out the need to interact with individuals who are not part of the company structure. However, for SMEs and startups, a travel desk concept can be rearranged to just one or two employees handling the entire firm’s travel needs. 

Having an internal travel manager is quite conducive. They are aware of up-to-date company policies and reduce the time spent communicating back and forth with an outside agency. 

Adopt a Business Travel Solution Software

While assigning business travel management to one employee is an excellent idea, it is pertinent that a company provides the necessary tools to help them function efficiently. 

It’s crucial to remember that even an employee with knowledge of the travel industry might not know all the tricks to make cheap hotel reservations or process refunds for canceled flights. 

Similarly, they could be inclined to use popular websites such as Agoda, Expedia, and, which are fine when planning a holiday but are not flexible or efficient enough for frequent business travel. 

A resolve to these teething issues is to let travel managers work with an all-in-one business travel solution like SoldoutNight. With the support of SoldoutNight, they can manage employee expenses, change bookings, follow-up on refunds, and update policies regularly and effortlessly.     

Work with the Right Attitude

The idea behind hiring an internal travel manager is to cut down on costs and make travel for employees hassle-free. The right candidate needs to have a zen-like personality that is charismatic, calm, and at the same time, commanding.

Whether negotiating with clients to get the best deal possible or handling fellow employees who might be frantic due to travel delays, the right peaceful attitude results in quick-thinking results that benefit everyone involved. 

However, the manager is only human. Thus, to enhance their productivity in times of stress, the integration of SoldoutNight’s customer service into the company’s travel policy acts as a much-needed helping hand that reduces overall workload. 

Relationships are Key

For an internal travel manager to successfully save money for the company, they need to form strong bonds with various service providers. They must maintain contact with hotels, car rental agencies, airline operators, and event organizers at all times to further build on favorable relationships.

Once again, working with a business travel solution provides added advantage and power to the travel manager. Firstly, SoldoutNight has excellent relationships with hotels that allow them access to room bookings even when none are available on aggregator websites. 

Secondly, SoldoutNight’s rates monitoring feature automatically checks fluctuating hotel rates on existing reservations until the traveler checks in. Every time the rate drops, SoldoutNight updates the reservation to the new lower rate. Helping travelers save money on hotel rates. Sometimes up to 65%. 

The Future of Business Travel Management

Till now, we’ve discussed how having an in-house travel manager can reduce costs and save time. However, looking at the industry’s altering temperament, several startups and SMEs are moving towards an independent form of travel management. This includes giving employees total responsibility for organizing their own travels, albeit with certain limitations. 

With the assistance of a business travel software like SoldoutNight, companies can now allow employees to make their own hotel and flight reservations. Because of this freedom and added responsibility, travelers are likely to be happier and more compliant about following policies and staying within designated budgets. 

The software keeps track of itineraries, permits simplified expense reporting, and regularly updates the employer on all aspects of employee travel.

An internal travel manager is undoubtedly a step forward towards streamlining business trips within a company. However, in times of emergencies, as seen during the outbreak of COVID-19 that left business travelers stuck worldwide, managing multiple travel requests and complications can get overwhelming for a single person. 

Therefore, the inclusion of SoldoutNight, with or without a travel manager, gives the company capability and experience to act fast, accept, and transform with the travel industry’s unstable nature. 

As a contemporary solution, SoldoutNight is not only in tune with our present-day business requirements but is a much-desired forward-thinking move that offers travel independence within the corporate structure.