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Tips on Wearing Comfortably your Masks on a Flight

What’s important to look for in a mask for a comfortable flying and how to choose a face mask that suits your needs?

March 24, 2021

Airlines are adding on preventive measures regarding Covid-19. In tight spaces, as in a cabin, there are practices which are quite difficult to execute – like social distancing. This is where a face mask becomes mandatory to help reduce the spread of the virus. 

 It’s not a big deal to wear a face mask when you’re out for several minutes. But for flights which could take several long hours, it could be really bothersome and uncomfortable. If you’re a business traveler, frequently on trips despite the pandemic, you know what it means to wear a mask on a flight. 

Basically, you need to consider good fitting, breathability and effective filtration when travelling, especially on a flight where you’ll be with several people in a small space. 

When it comes to face masks, one size does not fit all. If you want to wear a mask on a flight comfortably, you should know exactly what face mask to get. Consider the following factors.  

Choose a face mask which suits your needs.

Do not choose a face mask based on aesthetics alone, but more on its function. Choose a mask which best suits you. 

Face mask if you wear glasses

The number one problem of people with glasses is when their face mask fog-up their frames causing their vision to get blurry, especially during cold months. It’ll be really inconvenient to keep wiping the fog off your glasses during the entire flight.

There are reliable anti-fog masks in the market you can use like double-layered cotton masks or those with nose wire. In general, tight-fitted masks are the best choices. This prevents the condensation from the warm air from your breath and the cold surface of your lenses. No more foggy glasses.

Face mask if you have asthma.

People with asthma have difficulty breathing and face masks often cause discomfort. If your flight would take long hours, choosing a comfortable mask is necessary. 

The best options would be a KN95 face mask or a duckbill mask which allows more breathing room compared to tightly fitted masks. 

It’s also advisable to bring disposable face masks for flights because face masks tend to accumulate dust from the surrounding overtime. Disposable face masks also allow air to pass through compared to those made from cloth or fabric which sticks to your mouth and nose when you breathe in. Also, the fabric can shed and you could inhale the fibers and trigger your asthma.

Face mask if you are wearing makeup

Putting on makeup takes time and effort and the worst thing that could happen would be having your makeup smudged off. Face masks often cause this problem. The best face mask if you wear makeup are those without a nose wire, and masks which sit away from your mouth, so it doesn’t touch your skin and smudge your makeup.

Face mask for long haul flights

 Traveling for several hours can be really stressful, much worse with a face mask on during the flight. You might want to try a bamboo face mask. Aside from being water-resistant, the bamboo fabric feels lighter and more breathable, which makes it perfect for long flights. 

Wearing a mask while eating or drinking

 Face masks have come in different designs and there are some specifically made to make eating and drinking possible without having to remove the mask. A multi-purpose mask has a front-flap that can be opened or closed. This mask is also perfect for kids to prevent them from being uneasy.