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Mistakes you need to avoid while traveling during the Covid-19 pandemic

How to make your trip smooth and stress-free during the Covid pandemic? Read about crucial mistakes you need to avoid.

May 13, 2021

The start of year 2020 has marked the hardships of travel. It has been more than a year since then and a growing list of countries are now slowly opening their doors. 

Below are the things you need to know if you plan to travel right now and the mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Do not add several countries to your itinerary

When planning your trip abroad, it is best to choose one country to go to. Lockdown fatigue is definitely not a joke anymore and everyone is itching to have an adventure here and there. It is best not to pick too many countries so you can take your time with planning and avoid being overwhelmed by the restrictions. Always remember that Covid travel restrictions for each country is different and can change in a snap. Monitoring more than two countries can really be a headache.

2. Do not choose your destination in a hurry

Once you’re done picking your top two destination the next step is to do your research. As mentioned earlier, travel restrictions change quickly so you need to check the latest information on travel bans, entry requirements, and coronavirus situation. SoldoutNight customer support is easy to reach via chat or email and can help travelers with country specific travel guidelines. 

Although it is great to go to a place that has loosened their travel restriction. We can also choose a destination that we can help during this trying times. The countries that were hit hard by the pandemic which heavily depend on tourism for income. With the current situation, your destination choices have a bigger impact than before.

3.  Always check the cancellation policy before booking

Travelers losing thousands of dollars due to a cancelled trip that is not covered by travel insurance is not new to us anymore.

Dynamic entry rules and any unexpected contact to a virus host can lead to a flight cancellation so it is important that you purchase an insurance policy that is covering these events before booking your flight.

You must pick the right airline that offers change and cancellation policy during the pandemic. Just like the travel restrictions, travel policies vary by airline and business. You must always do your research and pick the best policy for your trip. You can find all the information you need by visiting their website or look for any Covid-19 resource page.

4. Get a COVID-19 test before flying

Another thing you need to include on your travel plans is to get a Covid-19 test. Nowadays, presenting a negative test result is often a must when entering a country. Always schedule your test at an accredited laboratory or hospital. Most destinations require the test to be issued within 72 hours before you board the plane. But you still need to double check as some countries may require shorter or longer periods of testing.

5. Fill out your paperwork in advance

A lot of paperwork needs to be filled up while flying during the pandemic. This includes things such as health declaration forms, entry form, contact tracing forms, and more. Of course, no one likes to do this.

A smart way is to download, print, and fill up the forms in advance. Most of these forms are readily available at the Covid-19 travel resource page of your destination. It is best to make 3 copies since you’ll be handing these out before and after you arrive so it is safe to always have enough copies. You will also need to keep a pen with you as some forms are required to be filled up when you arrive.

6. Your personal protective equipment

Wearing masks is the new normal when flying during the pandemic. Bring enough masks, perhaps gloves, and sanitizer for your trip. Depending on the airline, they may require the passengers to change their mask after 4 hours or so. They will also disinfect the seats and have an arranged seating.

7. Covid conscious trips

This is the best time to do a “Do It Yourself” trip that does not require you to rush in every spot in a day. A less crowded area is the best place to go. You can also book a private tour guide to show you around the place and the best person to pick is a local expert as they know the best spots and can navigate the area with ease.

8. Support local businesses

Safety should be your first priority. However, you can still get out and support local businesses that have been affected during the pandemic. You can visit a local restaurant or cafe for coffee or dessert. Small businesses are more flexible and often give the best service to their very few customers during the pandemic.