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How to make good Coffee at home using AeroPress

Have you ever wonder how to make a good coffee? ☕️ Especially in times of global pandemic when many local cafes are closed. After reading through this Blog, you will be able to make a good cup of coffee using AeroPress brewing device and become your very own Barista!

December 10, 2020

Hi! I’m Myka and I am part of SoldoutNight team and a former Barista. At SoldoutNight, we were often working from home lately due to stay at home orders during the pandemic. I can fully relate to anyone of you who misses a fresh cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop near the office. So in this blog we will talk about the Aeropress, one of the many alternative brewing methods that can be used at home.

During this pandemic, a lot of establishments have closed. Many business travelers are now working at home. Worry not! The AeroPress is here, it is the perfect coffee brewing device to use at home and to carry when you start travelling again. After reading through this Blog, you will be able to make a good cup of coffee and become your very own Barista! 😎

So…what is The AeroPress?

The Aeropress is a portable coffee brewing device. It is ideal for people who travel a lot and like to have a rich cup of coffee without acidity anywhere they go. This device is very easy to use and it does not take more than 5 minutes to brew coffee so it’s great to have when you’re working at home or in your hotel room. One thing I like about this device is it’s very easy to clean! 🤩

Different parts of the AeroPress

Did you know that 1 Scoop is equal to 11.5 grams? I use a different scooper to make my coffee, but you can use this one too! Before we jump into using the AeroPress, I would also like to note that there are two ways of using AeroPress.

  • Normal Method – Is the one that is printed inside of the instructions booklet that no one ever bothers to read. The main reason for using this method is because it’s logical and straightforward. 🤷
  • Inverted Method – Is a popular twist on the normal technique. It will help you avoid the early drip from the normal method, and you can let it brew for as long as you want to suit your coffee taste. I also personally like using this method instead!

How to brew using the Normal Method:

1. Slightly wet the filter paper and place it on the filter cap.

2. Twist the filter cap onto the chamber.

3. Place the chamber on top of your favorite mug. Remember to use a strong mug that can take some force when you start to plunge it later!

4. Add 10 grams of finely ground coffee beans and drop it inside the chamber.

BTW, this is my personal ratio. You can use more if you want a stronger coffee. I also use coffee beans from our amazing local coffee farmers because I love supporting them!

5. Pour 200 to 250ml of hot water in the chamber. This amount is enough to fill the chamber if you place the plunger next to the number 4 icon.

6. Stir for 10 seconds. In my case, I stir and count to 20.

7. Insert the plunger and press slowly until you hear a hissing sound. It means, you have reached the bottom part of the chamber.

8. Now, add milk or sugar to your liking and enjoy your coffee!

How to brew using the Inverted Method:

1. Slightly wet the filter paper and place it on the filter cap.

2. Put the plunger inside the main chamber of the Aeropress. It should look like the below:

3. Add 10 grams of finely ground coffee beans and drop it inside the chamber.

I have a manual grinder which I use to grind my beans. This makes the coffee ground fresher and tastier! Also, I like a little bit of workout for my biceps! 💪

4. Pour 50ml of hot water in the chamber to Bloom your coffee grounds for 30 seconds.

Blooming means dampening your coffee grounds for a bit to release the carbon dioxide. This can also improve the flavor of your coffee. You’ll notice bubbles appearing at the surface of the coffee grounds once you do this. I sometimes go over 30 seconds because I’m a forgetful fish. 😅 That is why a timer with a loud alarm is very helpful, I always use my phone in this case.

5. After 30 seconds, pour another 200ml of hot water and stir the coffee inside the Chamber.

I would just stir and count to 20. I personally think this is enough to agitate the coffee for more flavor.

6. Now, twist the filter cap onto the chamber and brew your coffee for 2 minutes. Remember to bring your timer! 😉

7. Once your timer starts ringing, Invert the AeroPress so it’s sitting on top of your cup and plunge slowly. Again, make sure that the cup you’re using can handle some Jedi force and would not shatter easily. 👌

The amount of coffee grounds and water will depend on how strong you want your coffee to be. Most recommended ratio would be (15-16 grams) of ground coffee to 7 ounces of water.

Finally, rinse the AeroPress and enjoy your coffee! 😊