SoldoutNight introduces brand new innovative booking features to the travel industry.


Rates Monitoring

Knowing that hotel rates fluctuate, we developed a rates monitoring feature for flexible hotel rates.This feature will help you or your company to stop unknowingly overspend on hotel rooms. It can save you up to 65% on hotel room spendings.

This feature is an automated algorithm which monitors the price of your existing reservation. Every time the rate drops, we update your reservation to the new lower price.

Since this is an automated process, no further actions are required from the user after booking.


Automated rates monitoring


We update your price


No actions required by traveler


Save up to 65%

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Large Travel Inventory

SoldoutNight`s direct access to hotels and airlines provides travelers with an extensive travel inventory.

Find hotel and flight rates fast and easy. Eliminate time consuming planning with travel agencies and book your trip more efficiently on one platform.


Worldwide inventory


Fast booking


No redirects

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Frequently Asked Questions

We're always here to help! Contact us through chat or email us at:

  • Who can use SoldoutNight?

    Anyone can start booking flights + hotels with SoldoutNight. A great solution for companies to simplify booking and managing travel all in one.

  • Is the platform free?

    Yes, our standard and business plan both are free.

    Anyone can start booking flights and hotels using our standard plan.

    Companies only can request to use our business plan.

  • What is rates monitoring?

    Rates monitoring is our unique feature which saves you money on hotel rooms. When you book rooms with the rates monitoring icon, our algorithm will track the fluctuation of the room rate from the moment you book right until the time you check-in to your hotel.

    If rates drop, our system will automatically update your reservation to the new lower price. This process is automated. No actions are required from you. Every time we save at least a $5 - you will get notified. As simple as that.

  • What does "large travel inventory" mean?

    We offer a large variety of airline + hotel rates. This is made possible thanks to our integration with all major rate supplier networks. The rates are fully integrated in SoldoutNight's platform. No redirects. When using SoldoutNight, there is no more reason to go compare rates on multiple websites.

    Airline rates include all major national carriers, regional and domestic low cost airlines. Best rates in real time.

    Hotel inventory covers it all from luxury to budget hotels, boutique hotels, hostels and apartments. Find your ideal accommodation. Access to the best rates worldwide.

  • Does SoldoutNight have a mobile app?

    The mobile app is under development and launching in February 2022.