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What Travel Managers Should Do During a Pandemic?

While business travel has been greatly impacted by pandemic, here is some advice on how to optimize and manage business travel in the Covid-19 era to be ready when things get to normal.

TIPPING IN SOUTHEAST ASIA: A Guide for Business Travelers

Tipping etiquette varies all over the world, so how about tipping culture in Asia? Tip or not to tip? Here is your ultimate guide in Southeast Asia.

Tips to Manage Corporate Travel Successfully

New and fashionable solutions in corporate travel that can handle the growing demands of a modern-day business traveler with ease.

Sharing Secrets – Business Travel Managers Share their Plans for the Future

Leading business travel planners share information about changes that have been implemented in the tourism sector and expectations in a new post-COVID-19 world!

The Latest Travel Requirements and COVID Guidelines for Dubai

If planning to visit Dubai soon, for work or pleasure, find out the latest travel requirements and guidelines in this article.

Decoding the Stars – Your Guide to Hotel Ratings in Southeast Asia

Decoding the Stars ⭐️– Your ultimate Guide to Hotel Ratings in Southeast Asia. Who Rates the Hotels? What does this rating mean? And why the number of stars should never be the deciding factor.

Your Guide to Travel Refunds During the Covid-19 Pandemic

In this article read how to get your travel refund from hotels or airlines during Covid-19 Pandemic.

Singapore is open to travelers from 6 countries

Who can travel to Singapore? Check out this article for the latest updates on travel regulations in Singapore.

Travel in 2021 – What to expect?

How 2021 will change the travel industry? What will change and what to expect in 2021? Will we be able to travel normally soon?
Find answers in this article!