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Re-opened Travel Destinations in the Philippines

Philippines  has lifted the travel restrictions on the 36 countries, but is still limiting tourists in the country. However, there are some reopened travel destinations for local tourists.

Employees Should Book their Own Business Travel

Benefits of allowing employees to book their own travels via modern travel solution like Soldoutnight vs drawbacks of using traditional travel agencies

Is a vaccine required to fly in 2021?

Immunity passport, travel pass, vaccination, travel corridor, etc. Everything you need to know about traveling by air in 2021.

The Dos and Don’ts of Expense Reporting for Business Travel

A clear guide on business travel expenses that can and cannot be submitted for reimbursement

Philippine Entry Restriction Relating to New Covid-19

Latest Philippines travel restrictions and entry regulations.

SoldoutNight Travel News: Proof of Negative Covid Test for Travelers to USA

All travelers to USA need a negative PCR test starting January 26.

What Travel Managers Should Do During a Pandemic?

While business travel has been greatly impacted by pandemic, here is some advice on how to optimize and manage business travel in the Covid-19 era to be ready when things get to normal.

TIPPING IN SOUTHEAST ASIA: A Guide for Business Travelers

Tipping etiquette varies all over the world, so how about tipping culture in Asia? Tip or not to tip? Here is your ultimate guide in Southeast Asia.

Tips to Manage Corporate Travel Successfully

New and fashionable solutions in corporate travel that can handle the growing demands of a modern-day business traveler with ease.