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Benefits of Using A Smart Business Travel Solution

Cutting-edge business travel solutions for startups and small businesses with better connectivity, faster processing, and cost-effective ways for companies to streamline employee travels. The new era for travel industry is here!

April 15, 2021

SoldoutNight – Free business travel management solution for startups and small businesses.

For industries to grow, change is inevitable. Transformations brought about with the help of technology, due to necessity, and often to modernize operations, result in the adoption of new ideas that prove beneficial for companies looking to save money and improve productivity. One such development is visible in the travel industry, which presently lies under much stress due to COVID-19. 

SoldoutNight offers cutting-edge business travel solutions, it is an emerging entity in the travel market with innovative concepts and solutions that help startups and small businesses plan and execute employee business travel efficiently while saving on travel costs, especially hotel rates. 

Until recently, traditional travel agencies have been responsible for the bulk of bookings made by businesses. Expensive and lacking round-the-clock customer support, they are unable to provide comprehensive travel solutions for customers, resulting in companies still having to use legacy software and multiple outdated, time-consuming systems. 

Overcoming the issues that have stalled progress in the business travel sector for decades, SoldoutNight is working towards a future that promises better connectivity, faster processing, and cost-effective ways for companies to streamline employee travels.

Employee Safety

In a world that is perpetually on edge, employee safety is of paramount importance to businesses. With the help of smart business travel solutions, it is now possible for companies to keep track of all their personnel in real-time. As a result, the employer is constantly aware of the employee’s whereabouts and can receive up-to-date information regarding itinerary changes, resulting in quicker action to rectify any delays or difficulties.  

Deep Hotel and Flight Inventory

Using in-depth search algorithms across various websites, SoldoutNight’s smart software provides (among other business travel solutions) the best rates for flights and hotels, all in one place. With no requirement to check on multiple sites and compare prices, employees can save time and money by simultaneously searching and booking the cheapest tickets available to their destination. 

Automated Hotel Rate Updates

A pioneering feature in the business travel industry, introduced by SoldoutNight, is the hotel rate monitoring system. Most travelers are aware that room rates fluctuate constantly. Unknown to many business owners, companies typically overspend on hotels, even when they book a room at what is supposedly the lowest price possible. With the pandemic and its aftermath causing havoc, room-rate fluctuations will only increase as hotels struggle to forecast traveler movements.

SoldoutNight’s new system continues to monitor rates from the moment the user books a room up until check-in, one of the most desired business travel solutions. This happens automatically and no actions are required from the user! If the price drops below the booking amount at any time, it is automatically adjusted to the new lower rate, resulting in significant savings (up to 65%), for the company. 

Sold Out Hotel Solution

Another brand-new booking feature is the possibility to reserve rooms last-minute and in hotels that are apparently sold-out. 

Whenever a hotel runs on high occupancy, most third-party platforms list the same as “sold-out,” whereas in reality, there are still rooms available. In such situations, SoldoutNight uses an optimized search algorithm to book rooms in your preferred hotel. This feature not only saves time but guarantees a stay in the best of city-center hotels even during peak season. 

Live Expense Reporting

Startups and small businesses often spend additional time checking and approving travel expenses for their employees, sometimes weeks after a trip is complete. For the employees, keeping track of all the receipts is tedious and takes away focus from their work. 

With a complete business travel solution in hand, expense reporting is fast, simple, and instant. Employees can upload receipts, removing the need to store physical copies. Resulting in fewer mistakes, faster approvals, and on-time reimbursements. 

Moreover, an employer can set expense budgets, update policies, and keep track of departmental expenditures with ease and in real-time.

Expense reporting features will be added on SoldoutNight soon.

Advanced Customer Support

SoldoutNight offers efficient 24×7 customer support that promises quick updates and timely information about travel restrictions. While travel agencies are limited in how and when they can assist their customers, companies can reach SoldoutNight via phone, email, chat, and messenger apps at any time. 

Multiple channels of communication further allow employees to check and double-check their travel information. From flight changes to local COVID lockdown rules, quick access to SoldoutNight can help overcome any difficulty that may arise unexpectedly before, during, or after travel.

In the already rapidly changing travel sector, 2021 has proven that businesses need to be prepared for drastic and sudden changes. When on the one hand, physical interaction is on a decrease, opportunities for remote work has led to an urgent need for well-managed online travel solutions. As a result, for companies to succeed, they must leave behind obsolete practices and opt for smarter  and contemporary business travel solutions such as SoldoutNight that help save money and time while increasing all-round efficiency.