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Many countries require a mandatory hotel quarantine upon arrival

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More Information

Many countries require a mandatory hotel quarantine upon arrival. Typically for a few days until a negative PCR test has been confirmed and sometimes for up to 21 days.

The problem: Not all hotels are accredited for quarantine requirements. By searching via your usual booking platforms, you might accidentally book a non-accredited hotel, because the other platforms don't differentiate - leading to complications with your booking and travel itinerary.

SoldoutNight provides travelers with real time lists of quarantine accredited hotels. Simply search + select your country + city, find your ideal hotel and contact us. We will get the best rates available for your travel dates. We manage your hotel stay and instruct you with any applicable arrival and quarantine guidelines for your destination.


Frequently Asked Questions

We're always here to help! Contact us through chat or email us at :

  • If quarantine is mandatory, do I still need a negative test before departure?

    Every country and airline has different rules. Always check with government official websites and your airline directly or contact SoldoutNight customer support.

  • Can I use hotel facilities such as pool + gym during my quarantine stay?

    No. Traveler must stay in the room until check out.

  • Are meals included in the hotel rates for quarantine guests?

    That depends on the hotel. Some hotel offer 2 different kinds of rates. One with meals included and one without meals. For either rate, guest can always order from in room dining menus or for delivery from local restaurants. However, some hotels only allow hotel in room dining. In such a case it is not possible to order food delivery from local restaurants. SoldoutNight can inquire all meal related questions for you.

  • How should I book a quarantine hotel?

    We reccomend not using mainstream booking platforms. SoldoutNight has updated quarantine accredited hotels lists. Simply choose your hotel and contact SoldoutNight customer support. They will manage your hotel stay from A-Z. Easy instructions given for hotel arrival up upon chekout.