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A Stylish Man’s Guide to Airport Travel Outfits

Stylish travelling outfit ideas for men

June 18, 2021

The airport has become a global stage for stylish quality dressing. This has been greatly influenced especially by celebrities. We all know that putting together a travel outfit can be tricky, which is why we’ll help you wear the right clothes and head to the airport with style.

Celebrity Airport Style

When it comes to celebrity style, nothing compares to Ryan Gosling. You’ll surely get inspiration from his well-known statement pieces and 70’ inspired color palette. Together with the great use of layers that can be easily added and removed from his travel outfit. With Ryan Gosling as your inspiration, you will surely boss your airport style.

Another person to look up to is David Beckham. Everyone will definitely agree to his timeless classic style. This former England captain has an ability to smoothly match clothes. Wear a simple T-shirt, joggers and baseball cap or a shirt and jeans together with some luxe backpack.

Safe Travel Outfits

The Business Traveler
A convenient style for business travelers start from the shoes – that are easy to put on and off. Loafers would be the best as it will provide a smooth transition through security and comfort during the flight. For you to look sharper, you need to wear that suit which is preferably a high-twist fabric to avoid it from being wrinkled.

Athleisure Style
Airports are home to men with athleisure style. This is the hybrid style of clothing worn to keep you looking sharp while feeling comfortable. Anything works from joggers, trousers, hoodie and sneakers to collar such as trench coats which fit for any season. Sticking to neutral colors is also great. Throw in a backpack or baseball cap and you’re ready to go!

Casual Workwear
Not only does it make you look good, but it is also the safest style to use. A traditional chore jacket is the best option as it also provides plenty of pockets for the safety of your passport and credit-cards. You can pair it with some chinos and slip-on sneakers.

What about your travel pieces?

Below are some key travel outfit pieces. Just pick a few and you’re ready to go and nail the airport stage.

  • Hoddie
  • Baseball Cap
  • Worker Jacket
  • Drawstring Trousers
  • Slip-On Sneakers
  • Sunglasses
  • Carry-On Luggage

You’re all set! All that’s left is for you to enjoy your vacation is to contact SoldoutNight for seamless travel management.