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7 Business Travel Trends in the Future

Major trends that are shaping the business travel industry.

June 25, 2021

Over the past few years, technology has improved greatly. Things are now more convenient than before and that helped businesses to efficiently operate. Despite having the alternative of online meetings, it has been proven that nothing compares to a face-to-face interaction which is why corporate travel remained as an important key to the success of a business.

However, since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, business travel has been greatly impacted. Below are travel trends that will help you plan your company’s travel schedule.

1. Self-Booking

Self-booking has now become the norm when it comes to corporate travel. Millennials prefer self-booking when traveling so they can choose the flights and hotels that they are most comfortable with. With Today’s technology, booking platforms like SoldoutNight offers more than just booking services. Customer support is also available at various channels to help their users with travel management.

2. Alternative Accommodation

Nowadays, business travelers often book their accommodation to smaller boutique hotels or Airbnb. This business travel trend is mainly influenced by the Millennials. More travelers are opting to book at a non-traditional accommodation like Hotels, the location is also a big factor which is far from the city center and gives an opportunity to do leisure activities.

3. Bleisure Travel

Bleisure travel is a growing trend even in the midst of a pandemic and is expected to further rise. More travelers are now taking the opportunity to travel and this is mostly applicable to the younger employees that wanted couple leisure with business or work from home and hotels. Simply travel somewhere and bring your laptop. 

4. Business Travel = Perk

With the increase of bleisure trips employees now see corporate travel as a perk. Today’s generation is eager to travel as they consider it an opportunity to gain experience. Business travelers now feel that this is significant to professional and personal growth. Because of this, more companies are now using business travel programs for their organizational growth as well as employee retention.

5. Corporate Travel Policy

Travel restrictions often change that can lead to a cancelled flight or hotel. Because of this, travelers are opting to flexible travel policies. This is especially true for corporate travelers that are now leaning to self-booking. They are in need of a booking process that allows them to choose the best rate and policies.

Today’s technology provides companies an easy implementation of a dynamic travel policy. This means, the employees can arrange their own booking without overspending. This process also builds trust between the company and its employees.

6. Popular Travel Market

More destinations are now emerging when it comes to business travel. A research from Hospitalitynet shows that Asia is now the world’s largest business travel market, particularly China. Other business travel destinations are going up the ranks like India and Indonesia.

7. Technology + Business Travel

We all know that technology plays a big role in our everyday life. This also includes corporate travel, with the steady upgrades of technology, more software options become available for business travelers.

Technology offers less time waiting in airport lines and speeds up immigration protocols. Booking your flight and accommodation can be made through mobile phones and different platforms offer a variety of options for travelers. Because of this, employees can stay productive during long trips.